Sunday 12 June 2011

WIP - Froggy Sweater

I was looking through my Ravelry queue and found a project I had won a kit for. Not wanting to knit another shopping bag, I immediately decided to work on a quick knit for the baby to be.

I had already finished knitting a blanket for the baby but I had yet to do a sweater or any other article of clothing for him.  It was then that I finally found a very nice sweater: offset opening with buttons and applique.

So, I set to work.

The project took only two days to actually knit up, and once I was nearly finished, I hit the local craft store for felt and buttons.

I have since traced and cut out the frog for the front applique and it will be up to hubby to help me with the sewing, as I am the world's worst sewer. I can seam edges of a knitted sweater, but forget thread and needle. I think I'll have him use that little sewing machine we have in the closet to get'er done.

Here are some progress pics:

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