Wednesday 19 February 2014

8 months of FOs and WIPs

As I posted previously, it's been a long ass time since I posted here. I still haven't finished the Aquaphobia socks because the pattern is boring and tedious (first sock is still under construction. I'm thinking of just frogging it) and in lieu of finishing it, I've finished so many other projects.

Here is a list of the stuff I've finished!

Kerrera cardigan sweater. I worked on this in NYC and finished it at home.

Young Einstein (which I should really photograph as finished)

Vera - for Russell. He LOVES it.

Groovy Singer Blanket -- for my husband's boss whose wife had a baby


Handspun - traffic lights

Handspun - Cardiovascular

Rusty's Mike Wazowski hat. My own pattern, unpublished as of right now

Handspun -- A Case of the Purples

BAM! POW! For my comic art teacher.

Soleil's Primrose

Slumleech baby blanket -- for my buddy Kurt whose wife had a baby

Slouchy -- a really fun knit.

Bloody Hell

It's been forever since I updated here. The last time I really posted here was my pre-NYC trip.  I really ought to post a few things about the trip, even though it's super late.

Here goes.

I did a little bit of knitting while I was on my trip. I worked on my Aquaphobia socks on the subway and I knocked out some USA themed hexipuffs.

We were staying in Brooklyn and on day 2 of our trip, we decided to go for a really, REALLY long walk to check out some local yarn stores.

We actually got around to checking out two of them.

The first store we stopped by was called Stitch Therapy and the lady who ran the shop, Maxcine, was lovely, pleasant, and very knowledgeable.  Her store is small but not overly so. There is plenty of space to sit and knit.  I picked up 4 oz of angora rabbit from her store for a really reasonable price.  Here are some pictures!

After Stitch Therapy we found our way to Argyle Yarns which was about a thirty minute walk. It was a beautiful day and we were glad to make the trek. The display was beautiful, but I'm sad to say that the staff seemed a little cold to me.

I purchased some short birch DPNs to work on hexipuffs but they were the wrong size as it turned out. When I went for an exchange, I was refused, but I needed the DPNs so I gave in and bought them, anyway.

Here are some pictures of her store. It was spacious and airy.

A few days after visiting initially, I stopped by Stitch Therapy again to knit with Maxcine for awhile and talk about the local sights. We decided after that to hit the Brooklyn Bridge.

Anyway, this isn't a huge post about the whole trip to NYC... just the knitting portion! SO, shoutout to two stores with great selection. I would highly recommend anyone going to Brooklyn to stop by Stitch Therapy and hang out with Maxcine. :)