Saturday 18 June 2011

More FOs

I finished a couple more projects.

First off, I finished the Froggy sweater and hat. I just needed to block the sweater and sew on the buttons. Collectively, they're an adorable set, but I wouldn't do them in mercerised cotton again. Maybe regular cotton or organic cotton but the mercerised isn't as stretchy. Not nearly as much give as I'd like. Still, one skein of Butterfly Super 10 made both in newborn size, and you can't really knock that.

Next, I decided to make an owlie sleep sack for Russell. I used all sorts of leftover Estelle Cloud Cotton from previous projects (blankets, sweaters, etc) and made it very colourful instead of one solid colour. It's not like the baby will see it, as he will likely be happy to snuggle up in it and chill, but I think kids look great in bright colours. (so says the woman who just finished a dark green sweater. BUT ANYWAY) I took a fairisle pattern from another project on Ravelry (linked to it on my Rav project page) and incorporated some striping.  The finished product is warm and soft and perfect for a summer baby.

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