Monday 25 July 2016

I've not been knitting much this year...

This is pretty much my only project of the year so far.

Here are some progress pictures! The rainbow yarn is my own handspun.

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Handspun - rainbow

I can't remember when I actually spun this, but here it is. Rainbow, mostly fingering weight. Can't remember where I got it or what the fiber content is. I'm so bad, haha, I just bought it and spun it.

Here are the pics.

Friday 14 November 2014

A few FOs and a couple WIPs!

I'm making good on my post about keeping up with my posts and my knitting and I have a couple of FOs and a couple of WIPs to show off.

Firstly, here's a better picture of my Mother of Dragons shrug:

Secondly, I spun a beautiful new skin of yarn using some merino wool that a friend of mine picked up on a trip she took. I call it, Cream in my Coffee.

And finally, with Giftmas approaching, I have things to knit for little kids. I have three little girls and one little boy for whom to knit.  I am making three different ragdolls, one for each girl, and a ragdoll puppy dog for the little boy.

Here is the first doll:

And, of course, the cat had to check her out, too.

More posts, soon! T'is the season to knit things, so a-knitting I shall go!