Thursday 16 June 2011

FO - Grumpasaurus

I had some yarn left over from the armwarmers I made a couple weeks ago, so I decided to make a Grumpasaurus for the guy who dyed the yarn and sold it to me.  He goes to my SnB and he's pretty fun... plus he collects little dinosaur figures at his work desk. Why not? it's a few hours to do and I'll probably have nothing other to do with the leftovers than make mitred squares.

Sunday 12 June 2011

WIP - Froggy Sweater

I was looking through my Ravelry queue and found a project I had won a kit for. Not wanting to knit another shopping bag, I immediately decided to work on a quick knit for the baby to be.

I had already finished knitting a blanket for the baby but I had yet to do a sweater or any other article of clothing for him.  It was then that I finally found a very nice sweater: offset opening with buttons and applique.

So, I set to work.

The project took only two days to actually knit up, and once I was nearly finished, I hit the local craft store for felt and buttons.

I have since traced and cut out the frog for the front applique and it will be up to hubby to help me with the sewing, as I am the world's worst sewer. I can seam edges of a knitted sweater, but forget thread and needle. I think I'll have him use that little sewing machine we have in the closet to get'er done.

Here are some progress pics:

Monday 6 June 2011


The knitting train continues to chug along.

I've finished knitting up with the Untastic yarn I picked up: I had to buy the Heartbreaker colourway. I call it early labour yarn because the exciting colours will probably trigger early labour when I look at them.