Tuesday 15 December 2009

FO - Bulletproof socks

After almost a year of knitting them, I have finally finished those bloody bulletproof socks. I thought I'd never get them done, lol.

Ever since I started these socks, they've kind of become the stuff of legends at my LYS because they're knitted with 2mm needles. I'd estimate probably about 20,000 total stitches in these socks. Took way too long. First sock took 2.5 months, second sock took 10 months... but now that they're done, oh my god. They are awesome! :)

Here are the pics.

Monday 18 May 2009

Castle Crasher

Finished another little project. I used some of my leftover cotton yarn and decided to make the red knight from Castle Crashers.

Sunday 26 April 2009

Lots of FOs

Firstly, a change to the blog. I'm not really using flickr anymore because they put a limit on how many images you're allowed to have, and that's balls. I'll just provide links to all the images instead. Just click them and don't be lazy :P

Finished a few things.

Finished the baby blanket for Joe and Diana's little one, and I finished the mobile monster bunny cell phone case for Lisa.

I went to the Knitter's Frolic again yesterday. A few good deals, but last year was way better. I didn't pick up a swift like I wanted to, but I did manage to get a nice blocking kit (8 long blocking wires, 4 small ones, and 2 flexible ones, with a package of T pins) for $35. They gave me the wrong kit (the upgraded one) and I didn't notice until I got home, so that was $10 I saved.

I also got a nice bag of 5 chunky weight Noro Silk Gardens for $35, as well as a new row counter, and a nice bottle of knitted garment shampoo. Nice haul.

I'm going to pick up a swift for my birthday from Linda's on Tuesday before knitting night starts. Looking forward to it. :)

Saturday 11 April 2009

FO - Pinwheel blanket and matching booties

Pinwheel 4

I actually finished this on March 30th. I've just been so busy lately, I haven't posted about it. It turned out quite nicely, and I had enough yarn left over to make a pair of booties for baby to be.

Note: this is not for my baby to be because I am not pregnant again :P When that happens again, I will be sure to be knitting away merrily.

I have started another baby blanket for our friends Joe and Diana who are also expecting. Their baby is due in May, so I have a tight deadline to finish the next blanket. I have opted not to do another pinwheel blanket because I like a little bit of diversity. The new blanket will actually be a nice baby's textures blanket. Four different colours and four different textures. I hope it looks nice when it's done.

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Update on the WIPs

Well, I have a few things on the go now. Nothing that's really lit a fire under my arse until now.

First off, I have finished my first sock and have gone a little bit into the second sock.

I have also picked up Kat's bag and finished the purse part. The strap part is now in progress.

Third of all, I decided to make a couple baby blankets for friends who are expecting. I picked up some super gorgeous organic cotton yarn and am making a pinwheel blanket and a star blanket. I will start on the pinwheel today and hope to get it done in a couple weeks. I think I'll set down all other projects to see just how much I can get done in a week. It looks like a pretty easy pattern overall. We'll see how it goes.

Monday 26 January 2009

FO - Toddler Hoodie

Toddler Hoodie 7 Toddler Hoodie 5

This was a quick and easy knit. Took 3 days of knitting, a couple hours each time. Probably less than 10 hours, total. It's soft and warm, and Nick loves to wear it. An overall success.