Friday 14 November 2014

A few FOs and a couple WIPs!

I'm making good on my post about keeping up with my posts and my knitting and I have a couple of FOs and a couple of WIPs to show off.

Firstly, here's a better picture of my Mother of Dragons shrug:

Secondly, I spun a beautiful new skin of yarn using some merino wool that a friend of mine picked up on a trip she took. I call it, Cream in my Coffee.

And finally, with Giftmas approaching, I have things to knit for little kids. I have three little girls and one little boy for whom to knit.  I am making three different ragdolls, one for each girl, and a ragdoll puppy dog for the little boy.

Here is the first doll:

And, of course, the cat had to check her out, too.

More posts, soon! T'is the season to knit things, so a-knitting I shall go!

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