Thursday 20 March 2014

I'm going to keep up, damnit.

I've been SO bad with updating this thing. I'm going to put forth a genuine effort again to keep things going.

First off, I finished my Miranda sweater. I misread the pattern and did the version without the front pocket, but honestly? I can live without the front pocket. I wore it on Patrick's Day. It's just warm and snuggly. I thought I would've needed a tanktop beneath it but it's perfectly fine against my skin. I usually find wool, even superwash merino, slightly itchy. This merino? Not itchy. It's just soft and lovely. Here are a couple pictures:

Next up is a WIP of mine. They're called Tadpoles and they're actually very reminiscent of Monkey socks, only reverse.

I originally cast on 64 for this sock and got to the third rep of the pattern when I realised in dismay that they were too small for my foot. After much swearing, I ripped the whole thing out and cast on 72 instead, modifying the pattern accordingly to work with the added stitches. The first sock is about 3/4 done now and fits like a dream. They also look beautiful. Here are some WIP pictures.

Finally, I finished a project that had been hibernating for about a year and another that had been hibernating about six months, now. First is my husband's Dwarven Battle Bonnet:

And second are the cigar smoking gloves I made him. He hasn't worn them yet but I know he likes them. It's just a matter of catching him for a photo wearing them.

And here I am, forgetting other projects I finished since my last post.

Hat and mitts for me to match the Honey Cowl I made ages ago.

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