Tuesday 17 January 2012

Many FOs!

Well, another several months and another several projects to report on.  It would seem the last time I updated was after I finished the hoodie sweater for my son.   Much has been done, since.

Here are a few pictures of some of the projects I've done since the fall.

This baby surprise jacket was made as a commission for a friend - I charged him only for materials and shipping.  I had left over brown so I made a teddy bear, too.   Sadly, this item was stolen out of his car when he was on the road, along with all the other gifts he was giving to people and his girlfriend's laptop. Shitty deal :(

My Jaywalker socks are coming along. I hate the pattern -- it's so boring. The sock looks REALLY cool in the Poison Dart Frog yarn from Studioloo. (opens in new window)  One sock is done and the other, as of today, is just over half done.

This was a ball of self striping wool/nylon yarn.  My son hates wearing hats but the chin strap keeps it thirty seconds longer than it would stay on without it.

Dwarven Battle Bonnets.  Oh yes.

Baby Pinwheel sweater for my cousin's daughter. This should fit her from her current age (1) until she is four. I hope so!

My friend, Mat (seen above modelling a battle bonnet), gave me this awesome ball of superwash merino in the colourway sci-fi wasabi.  I made a darkside cowl and a HOT SHARK out of it. I still have a little bit left but have no idea what I want to do with it just yet.

And finally, I have some nice sweet new yarn that I got with a gift certificate from Christmas. I'll be making a nice, comfy sweater with it. I'll post it when I cast on. Here is a picture of the lovely yarn.

Anyway, all that posted, and I'll update again when it suits my fancy. Hope you enjoyed the finished objects.

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