Friday 6 May 2011


April 30th was the DKC Knitters Frolic in downtown Toronto.  I arrived late and didn't bring a lot of cash and was actually very frugal with my spending.

I bought 12 hand made stitch markers for $10 and a skein of this super yummy merino/cashmere/nylon sock yarn spun by a local dude. Yep. By a dude.  The colour was really tempting and I couldn't resist, but unlike when I usually buy sock yarn and try to knit socks, I started and finished the project in a week. (instead of within months or years)

The socks? Monkey. No purl monkey to be specific.  They turned out really nicely but had a bit more yellow than I anticipated. In spite of this, they're super comfortable and super bright. I absolutely love the striping and am pleased with the softness of the yarn. Definitely a new around the house footwear thing.

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