Wednesday 19 January 2011

Toddler Hoodie

This is a pattern that I actually found on Ravelry a long time ago but because it was hosted on Geocities is no longer available.  I was disappointed in that I was looking for the pattern again to make it and it wasn't until my toddler dumped over all my printed patterns that I found the pattern!

So, without further adieu, I will repost this FREE pattern with credit given to Jenn Belcher

Basic Toddler Hoodie


2 - 3.5 oz skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky (or similar gauge yarn)
Size US 10.5 DPN (set of 4)
Size US 8 DPN (Set of 4)
Stitch Markers
Crochet Hook


CO - cast on
k - knit
p - purl
k2tog - knit two together
pm - place marker
sts - stitches
st st - stockinette stitch
* - repeat until end of row
PU - pick up
BO - bind off


With larger needles CO 56 sts. Join in the round and knit one round.

Found 2: Place stitch marker, k 8 sts, pm, k 20 sts, pm, k 8 sts, pm, k 20 sts (this marks the sleeves)

Round 3: Increase on both sides of each stitch marker.  You will have 10 in the sleeve portions and 22 across back and front portions.

Round 4: Knit

Repeat rounds 3 and 4 until there are 34 sts between stitch markers for the sleeves.   On the final "Round 4": * k first 34 sts and place on stitch holder, k 46

Work even in st st for approximately 7.5 inches (or adjust according to the height of the child)

Switch to smaller needles and work in k2p2 rib for 7 rows. BO in k2p2 pattern.


Round 1: k the 34 sts on first holder and PU 2 sts in the underarm.
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: k2tog, k 30, k2tog
Rounds 4 - 6: Knit
Repeat last 4 rounds until 22 sts remain
Next Round:  Decrease each end of round one more time (20 sts)
Switch to smaller needles, work in k2p2 ribbing for 6 rows
BO in k2p2 pattern

Repeat for other arm


Find the center of the front and mark off center 6 sts
Using crochet hook, PU remaining 50 sts around neckline on larger needles
Knit 1 round
Increase 6 sts evenly spaced across next row
Knit in st st until hood measures approx 8.5" (or measured according to size of the child)
Divide sts evenly on 2 needles and fold hood so right sides are touching
Work 3 needle bind off across.

PU sts along front edge of the hood with smaller needles and work 4 rows in k2p2 ribbing
BO in k2p2 pattern
Sew to unworked sts on neckline.

Once again, I'd like to enphasize that this is NOT my pattern and that I am simply posting it back on the interbutts for anyone who might be interested in making it.


ivorieseighty8 said...

Super cute. Going to cast on right now for my daughter! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Have been looking for one like this and in this size for some time.

Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern for this in a 2/3T?

Krissyann Granger said...

Thank you so much. I have been looking for the right sweater for my sweet boy. I'll be casting on tomorrow.

Ellisen said...

Thank you. Looks great!

Unknown said...

This is adorable and I would love to knit it. What age would you suggest this size for?