Thursday 25 September 2008


Picked up a bit more yarn today. Not anything too too yummy, but definitely some things that I am excited about.

Picked up 4 ginormous balls of acrylic yarn in red, green, white, and navy. Christmas stockings! I figured that for something like that, I wouldn't need anything fancy. Might as well buy in bulk so I can make as many as I can for as cheap as possible.

Secondly, I picked up 4 skeins of Stretch Socks by Patons. I got 20% off, so it was a smart move :> I'll be making my first real pair of socks with that stuff. I'll have to consult my new 2 at a time socks book for it, but that's all good.

I'm taking the baby dress and booties off my queue and replacing them with a simple and cozy baby kimono. Mark and Nicole's baby would be better off with a machine washable item instead of super delicate wash material that'll definitely get ruined by food or poopies. Thinkin' ahead! Anyway, I got some Baby Jacquards Easter Basket for that project. It'll essentially be the same thing I'm making for Nicholas, only smaller.

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